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Welcome to Mandarava!
Mandarava Wholesale Jewelry, Gifts and Home Decor
Mandarava jewelry is sold worldwide in shops, stores and booths just like yours!
Welcome to our home!
  • ALL Mandarava jewelry is MADE IN THE U.S.A. BY US! We cast it, we solder it, we string it, we create it!
  • We offer thousands of popular fantasy and multicultural statues and home decor items
  • Lowest shipping rates possible
  • We've been on the web since 1999, so we understand your needs

We are HERE for YOU!!

Here's just a sampling of our jewelry, gift and home decor themes and styles:
  • Our Celtic collection includes Celtic Jewelry, Celtic and Greenman gifts/home decor including a number of Mandarava's ORIGINAL Celtic pewter pendants and silver-plated pewter pendants featuring intricate Celtic weaves with dragons and skulls
  • Our Crystal Wonders Jewelry line features gorgeous crystals, gems and stones uniquely fused together in wearable art.
  • Our Dragon collection features stunning Dragon statues, incense burners, candle holders, home decor and, of course, our line of handsome Dragon Pendants and necklaces cast and created in our studios.
  • Original and traditional jewelry crosses
  • French Art Nouveau vases, bowls, statues, mirrors and frames
  • Unique Vintage style and Byzantine-inspired necklaces and earrings

. . . and SO MUCH MORE!
To see ALL of our thousands of jewelry, gift and home decor items:




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