Sacred Female On-Line E-Book - A Book of Meditations and Affirmations for Women
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Pain Comes From Lies
Love And Security
Sacred Adolescence
The Path
You are a Blessing
Your Mission
Sacred MoonTime
Love Thyself

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Table of Contents
Terms Of Use
Chapt. 1: Sacred Infancy
Chapt. 2: Sacred Childhood
Chapt. 3: Sacred Adolescence
Chapt. 4: Sacred Womanhood
Chapt. 5: Sacred Motherhood
Chapt. 6: Sacred Healing
Chapt. 7: Sacred Maturity
Chapt. 8: Sacred Matronhood
Chapt. 9: Sacred Female

Your Mission

You have everything you need to succeed
in your mission on this earth.
You have your human nature, which connects you
to the rest of my children, humanity. 
You have your Higher Self, which connects you
to Infinity and Immortality, 
and you have your Goddess, which connects All. 
In your work to heal and bless the planet,
nothing shall be denied to you--
only those things you do not need. 
The ego-mind believes many lies,
the worst of which is that you need to grasp and grab what you need from outside yourself. 
Pray and mediate with me in the cool dawn hours
before the day's churning begins.
Pray for the guidance to place your feet upon the path
of my service and it shall be revealed to you. 
The stones upon the path you travel
shall be turned to loaves
that you may feed the multitudes with my love.   


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