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Glory To The Goddess
Death Of Shame
The Fountain
The Bird
Cool Water
Sacred Matron
Goddess Within

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Table of Contents
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Chapt. 1: Sacred Infancy
Chapt. 2: Sacred Childhood
Chapt. 3: Sacred Adolescence
Chapt. 4: Sacred Womanhood
Chapt. 5: Sacred Motherhood
Chapt. 6: Sacred Healing
Chapt. 7: Sacred Maturity
Chapt. 8: Sacred Matronhood
Chapt. 9: Sacred Female

The Fountain
Visualize a translucent marble fountain, blue water sparkling gold in the sun. Thrice-tiered and circular, the sound, a joyful gurgle of sacred water.

The fountain is quite large enough for bathing, and the water warmed by the sun, quite comfortable. As you step into the water, your foot turns a golden hue, then your ankle, your calf, then both feet, on up both legs. You walk to the center tier and stand under the falling water. Your entire body begins to turn a transparent, golden glow. Anger is washed away. Hatred melts. Sorrow flows away, fear rushes out of you. Every sad, unfortunate, awful, unhappy incident, feeling, experience in your life is washed away. You stand anew, emptied of all negativity. Jealousy, misfortune, injury, all cleansed away.

You pick up a glowing ball of soap, it smells as clean as a meadow, and as you wash yourself, years of anger, hurt, victimism, martyism, ridicule, denial, denouncement, slavery, injustice, pour from the very pores of your skin. The effects of evil and injustice are scrubbed away and your skin is new. The fountain water turns a brilliant hue and pours over you, dust is washed from your hair, the dust of anger and resentment.

Now you stand cleansed and empty, ready to be filled with Light. Again the fountain changes color--a color indescribably beautiful yet nameless, never seen by human eyes. The water flows over you, warm, caressing, and you are filled with forgiveness, tolerance, wisdom, prudence, love, dignity. Your boundaries are clarified and adjusted, your expectations are made realistic, yet beyond your wildest imaginings. You forgive yourself and others; you protect yourself from evil by stepping aside and letting it pass by you, as is your right and duty to do. You accept your responsibilities; you calmly expect others to accept theirs. You accept the consequences of your choices, you quietly let others experience theirs.

Thus you are filled with tranquillity and compassion and emptied of attachment and grasping. You are complete and autonomous, filled with the Light of the Spirit, filled with Wisdom and Understanding and a calm sense of responsibility to yourself first, to others, second.

You may come here anytime your soul needs cleansing of anger, resentment, obsession, disappointment, injury, negativity. You will be filled with hope, Light, happiness, peace, strength and Wisdom.


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