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Chapt. 1: Sacred Infancy
Chapt. 2: Sacred Childhood
Chapt. 3: Sacred Adolescence
Chapt. 4: Sacred Womanhood
Chapt. 5: Sacred Motherhood
Chapt. 6: Sacred Healing
Chapt. 7: Sacred Maturity
Chapt. 8: Sacred Matronhood
Chapt. 9: Sacred Female

Celebrate the Goddess Within
But, you say, what God is within me?
I am but a poor mortal.
How can God dwell in me?
If God were within me,
why would bad things happen to me?
To the ones I love?

But know this:
Every cell of your body sings of me.
Every part of your physical being resonates with my love.
Every single atom of you is part of me.
Eve the emptiness between your cells is part of me.
How can I not love that which is mine?
And you are truly mine, within and without,
made of my own fabric,
the same fabric as the stars,
the seas,
the rocks,
the birds,
the flowers.

I love you, my beloved.
You are precious and beautiful to me.
The hills beckon, green, flowered and scented with fruit.
Your body resonates with their beauty--
you are their beauty--
you are the same as the flowers and the stars,
the firm red apple and its satin leaf.
Feel each cell of your body humming, singing.
Love this vessel which you have been given,
the home of your soul on earth.

Visualize healing, agelessness, beauty.
Start with the top of your head and touch each centimeter
of your body, blessing it with love, healing, light.
Imagine the cells of your body drifting apart
and being re-assembled,
bathed in the Light of my Love.

You and I are a fusion of light and power,
trembling incandescence.

For I am within thee and Joy is Thy just destiny.


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