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Sacred Motherhood
Creating Life
Finding Your Place
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Unfurling Rose
Mother As Creator

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Chapt. 1: Sacred Infancy
Chapt. 2: Sacred Childhood
Chapt. 3: Sacred Adolescence
Chapt. 4: Sacred Womanhood
Chapt. 5: Sacred Motherhood
Chapt. 6: Sacred Healing
Chapt. 7: Sacred Maturity
Chapt. 8: Sacred Matronhood
Chapt. 9: Sacred Female

Sacred Motherhood

This precious, fragile being that grows within my body is part of me and of me. I am creating her with my thoughts, my emotions. I supply her with oxygen from the air I breathe. I supply her with sustenance from the food I eat. I supply her with precious fluid from the water I drink. For the MotherChild is one Holy Communion between us.

I create her well-being and growth with my loving thoughts and prayers. I fuel the fire of Life in her with my Love.

Mine is the most sacred and solemn of tasks, for in this act I am a Goddess with God. I am the Co-Creator with God.

This is not a small thing, this act of creating Life. It is the most sacred act I will ever perform. It is the most sacred act any of my species can perform.

I am creating this precious being who is growing within my body.

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