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Chapt. 9: Sacred Female

I Am Not Diminished - Affirmation

I am not diminished when others wrong me.

For, how can one diminish the eternal?  How can one diminish the infinite? 

If an object is stolen from me, what is that small thing to the infinite?

If another steals my time--wasting it, pilfering it, tricking me into spending it on one whose motives are false--what is that small slice of time to the eternal?

If one steals my love, tricking me into believing it will be reciprocated by lying, what is one small ounce of false-love to All LOVE???

No one can diminish me by lying, cheating, or stealing, unless I, in my turn, react to it. I waste my own time by staying around such a person, trying to change them or manipulate them. I waste my own life and opportunities reflecting on past injuries or poking old wounds instead of letting them heal.

Those who do wrong injure only themselves. They waste precious time that could be spent increasing awareness and BEING. I will not waste my BEING-NESS in pursuit of unworthy false-affection, nor in revenge or reflection of those who have wronged me.

I am not diminished when I am wronged for only I can wrong myself.


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