Mandarava Metaphysical Properties Disclaimers

Metaphysical properties and magical legend information provided at this site is intended for entertainment purposes only and should not be interpreted as a claim, guarantee or warrantee of effectiveness. In addition, except for Children's T-Shirts, the products sold at this site are intended for use by responsible adults only.  Also, jewelry necklace, earrings or bracelets that are advertised as containing Swarovski Crystal or Swarovski Lead Crystal contain lead components. Please read our Product Safety Notes for more information regarding safe use of products and for our Lead Safety Advisory.

Metaphysical properties of stones and jewelry: These alleged properties have been collected from sources considered to be non-scientific. The sources include folk lore, popular opinion, channeled sources, legends, fiction, intuitive sources, personal opinion, popular books and magazines. This information is offered for entertainment purposes only, and no claim of effectiveness of the use of these products is made. Although minerals and stones have been used for thousands of years for various healings, religious and spiritual rituals, there is no scientific evidence that the inherent energy or magnetic fields in non-radioactive specimen-sized rocks, minerals, gems or crystals interacts in any significant way with humans when used externally.

In addition, please note that a number of rocks and minerals may be TOXIC if eaten or swallowed, or if their dust is inhaled. Dust from such minerals as malachite, azurite, turquoise, orpiment, etc. may cause illness or death. If taken internally, ground minerals, such as quartz or herkimer diamonds may cause serious internal injury. Small stones may present a choking hazard to children or pets. NEVER GRIND UP OR INGEST (EAT) THE ROCKS! The use of gem elixirs is not recommended due to the possibility of toxic reaction and/or choking hazard.

Magical Legends (Incense, Candles, Oils): No claim of effectiveness of any kind is made. These items are sold as curios only. Magical legends are intended for entertainment purposes only.

Healing, Attraction and other Kits: These items are sold as curios only. No claim of effectiveness or magical results of any kind is made.

Products offered at this site are sold as curios, intended for entertainment, personal enhancement, study, meditation and are not intended in any way to replace or supersede professional medical or psychiatric help. No magical or supernatural properties of any kind are claimed.

If you believe that you are in need of medical or psychiatric assistance, please contact a licensed professional.