Egyptian Royal Pharaohs Scarab Pendant
The scarab is a symbol of resurrection and eternity, and the disk at top represents the Egyptian sun god Re. The entire piece is a replica of the symbol found in King Tutankhamun's tomb, and the scarab actually spells out the hieroglyph Tut's throne name, Neb-Khepreru-Re, which means "Re is manifested", indicating that King Tut was the living representation of Ra.This large, heavy piece is approximately 2 inches tall. A cord or chain can be drawn through the double jump rings on each wing. Genuine premium quality lead-free pewter available with precious metal finishes.
Egyptian Royal Pharaohs Scarab Pendant
Reg. Price for Pewter Finish: $18.00
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FROM: $11.25


Egyptian Royal Pharaohs Scarab Pendant
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