Our YouTube Gift, House Wares, Garden and Jewelry Collections

Looking for our jewelry or statue item collections you saw on YouTube?  The links below will take you to the destination shopping departments for each of these wonderful product groups.  If you'd like to see the videos again, just click on the photo to go our YouTube area.  Each of the videos offers a sampling from our huge selection of jewelry and statuary items.  Please note that we are adding YouTube videos weekly, so visit us often, both here and at our YouTube site to see what's new!

Visit our Crystal Peace Symbol YouTube Collction
Shop our lovely Peace Symbol collection, which includes Mandarava exclusive design Peace Fairy, Peace Goddess, Peace Venus and Peace Hecate symbols with genuine Swarovski crystals.
Mexican Opal Necklace
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Medium Rainbow Fire-Breathing Dragon
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Watch our Dragon Gift YouTube video
Visit Our Dragon Gift Collection - Our fearsome dragon collections features "pets" for every taste and space -- from small PC topper fellows to imposing monsters.  We have everything from fire breathers to adorable hatchlings, incense burners, candle holders, t-shirts, boxes and much more.

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Watch our Egyptian Statue YouTube video
Visit Our Egyptian Statue Collection Our museum replica Egyptian statuary collection in our Egyptian Bazaar is one of the largest on the web -- and growing.  And, check out our extensive ORIGINAL jewelry collection -- it's unlike any of the other Egyptian jewelry collections anywhere on the web.  Each piece is individually handmade in our studio and is completely original.  We'll be adding the jewelry video soon--so stay tuned!
Buddha Statue
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Watch our Eastern Wisdom YouTube Video
View Our Eastern Wisdom and Buddha Waterfalls & Statues
Large 4 ft. to 7 ft. waterfalls, 4 ft. tall Buddha heads, wall plaques, indoor and outdoor Eastern statuary, jewelry and house wares featuring Buddha, Tara, Guanyin (Kuan Yin), Ganesh, Kali, Shiva and more. Our jewelry video will be added soon, but browse awhile and enjoy these really incredible large statues and waterfalls.
Tribal Skull
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Watch Our Skull and Skeleton YouTube video
Skull Statue  and House Ware Collection - featuring Crystal Skulls, Tribal and Celtic Skulls, funny skeleton personalities, skull and skeleton incense burners, candle holders, toilet brushes (!), ash trays, desk accessories and much more.  The video offers just a small sampling from our entire collection.