Handmade Art Jewelry, Celtic Jewelry, Fantasy Jewelry, Egyptian Jewelry and more!
From skulls to pearls, gothic to inspirational, our jewelry collection features unique, handcrafted designs that range from delicate Vintage style necklaces to serene Oms (Aum) to ancient Egyptian Ankhs to biker skulls! Made in U.S.A. Use our Jewelry Search to discover hard-to-find eclectic designs including Chunky handmade rock jewelry, ancient Egyptian jewelry, Celtic jewelry, fierce Gothic Dragon Jewelry, Scary Skull Jewelry and much more!

Beautiful Angel Statues, Jesus Statues, Christian Statues and Nativity Statues
Our inspiring collection of religious statuary includes Nativity statues, Jesus Statues, Guardian Angel Statues, statues of saints and much more. Beautifully detailed and hand-painted, these statues make a cherished addition to your home--and are especially wonderful gifts for friends in need of inspiration and hope,as well as inspiring Easter and Christmas gifts.
Looking for beautiful crosses and inspirational Christian jewelry? Find it in our Christian Jewelry Shop!

Dragon Statues, Dragon Gifts and Dragon Home Decor
Whether fearsome or whimsical, we've got the dragon statues and dragon jewelry for you! Hunt down your favorite Dragons to find everything from scary, fire-breathing dragon monsters, to baby hatchling dragon statues, from purple dragon statue monsters to cuddly baby hatching dragons. You'll find something for everyone in our dragon statue collection. And don't miss our Gothic Dragon Jewelry Shop!
Art Deco - Art Nouveau Home Decor
Romantically inclined? We thought so! We've got wonderful new Art Nouveau home decor, Art Deco home accessories and Victorian jewelry and home decor items, old-fashioned French-style jewelry boxes, trinket dishes, mirrors and statues . . . Browse our beautiful Art Nouveau items now!
And if you love nostalgic jewelry, don't miss our Vintage Jewelry Collection and nostalgic Victorian and Art Nouveau Jewelry
Furry Bones Black Bacon Pig Statue 
Fairies, Furry Bones, Fairy Peeps, Mermaids, Unicorns
and Pegasus Statues and Gifts

Find all your favorite Fairy, Unicorn and Pegasus gear right here: fairy earrings, fairy figurines, fairy candle holders, fairy home decor and much more - even a fairy chess set!  Don't miss our magical Fairy Jewelry with  Swarovski Crystals!
Say "Hello" to our beautiful Fairy Jewelry Collection!
Celtic and Green Man Home Decor and Gifts
Incredible Celtic and Green Man themed home decor, statues, house wares and gifts- a most unusual and complete collection of Celtic, Irish and Green man designs.
Explore our Celtic Jewelry inventory exquisite Celtic necklaces, earrings and pendants!
Gorgeous Serene Buddha Statues and East Asian Decor
Create a serene, sacred space in your home with our dramatically beautiful, exquisitely serene Buddha Statues! Our collection includes beautiful East Asian statues, museum replicas and more. From figurines small enough to sit on your computer, to large centerpieces you'll love browsing through the beautifully designed and hand-painted items in our Eastern Wisdom Shop.
And don't miss our beautiful Buddhist and yoga jewelry.
Ancient Egyptian Museum Replica Statues, Ancient Egyptian Home Decor.
From the ancient columned halls of Karnak to the Valley of the Kings, we've selected the world's most beautiful Ancient Egyptian museum replica statues, Egyptian figurines and Egyptian jewelry motifs, as well as Ancient Egyptian motif house wares and decor. Our Egyptian replica statues are so authentic, they are offered at museum stores throughout the world.
Excavate Ancient Egyptian "artifacts" now . . .
Don't miss our HUGE Ancient Egyptian Jewelry collection featuring a treasure of pendants, ankhs, pyramids, King Tut, and much, much more

Use our Search feature to find all the fun, fantasy, multi-cultural jewelry, gifts and home decor items you've been looking for--and many Mandarava Exclusive Items not found anywhere else!

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